Cool Water Cones – Medium


Cool Water Cones are self-lubricating. No additional lubrication is recommended. Activate lubrication with tap water. The cone becomes extremely slippery while remaining chemical-free.


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Cool Water Cone Post Surgical Dilators are a revolutionary new vaginal dilator that may help speed your surgical recovery. They may also increase your comfort during pelvic exams and intercourse after vaginal trauma.

The medium cone has more length to the dilator and the change to the width, although still gradual, is significantly larger. The Medium cone after being comfortably tolerated during penetration will be the cone intended for patients to use while performing routine maneuver exercises. It is important to eventually begin applying gentle pressure on the sides of the vaginal walls with the cone. This exercise will continue stretching the vaginal walls for more comfort during future vaginal examinations.

Rotation along with gentle in and out motions are especially helpful if you are trying to prepare yourself to return to being sexually active. We recommend the large cone for that stage of recovery.

It is best to work with your doctor or physical therapist to make the decision as to when each stage, size, or exercise is appropriate during your recovery.

Patients’ comfort will be increased due to the cool gel-like structure of the dilator.

Care must be taken (as indicated on the labels) for the following:

– Do not expose to temperatures over 140F
– Do not freeze.
– Do not microwave.


6” length
1.25“ to base of 2″