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Back pain has many causes. Whatever the cause, if it is an orthopedic dysfunction (a musculoskeletal problem), your back pain is the result of your particular habits and patterns of movement.

This is a good thing, because it means that by analyzing your patterns of movement, we can see what muscles are being used too much, and which muscles are not used enough. This allows us to make accurate recommendations for movement and exercises that will improve your balance and reduce your pain.

“I didn’t realize how effective physical therapy could be until I was treated by Amy. I had tried physical therapy with other therapists, and it had been completely ineffective. Amy took the time to figure out why I had pain, and provided a set of easy to do exercises that made a big difference in my pain level.

I’ve referred a lot of other people to Amy, and they’ve all had similar experiences. It’s great to know there’s someone to help those of us with unusual backs.”

~ Linda Racine, Founder, Scoliosis Association of San Francisco

Enjoy Amy Selinger’s TEDx Talk on Back Pain:

Common back pain diagnoses and symptoms that respond well to physical therapy

Bulging or herniated disc
Degenerative disc disease
Lower back pain
Lumbar strain

Lumbar strain
Muscle strain
Pinched Nerve
Sacroiliac dysfunction

Spinal stenosis