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A Balanced Approach

If you’ve spent any time in pain or with limited mobility, you know how it can affect every step, every inhale, every aspect of your life. It can stop you from doing what you love. We use precise evaluation, compassion, and our medical expertise to see the whole you. At Back to Life, you are treated as an individual with a personal and unique set of problems. We evaluate your entire musculoskeletal system because we know that the source of your problem is often not at the same site in which you feel your symptoms.

Our treatment is based on the Movement System Balance approach of Shirley Sahrmann, author of “Diagnosis and Treatment of Movement Impairment Syndromes.” We incorporate exercise, balance training relaxation, diaphragmatic breathing, biofeedback, Myofascial Release, Visceral Manipulation, Soft Tissue Manipulation (massage) and Lymphatic drainage as appropriate with each patient according to his or her needs.

With over 65 years of combined experience, Amy Selinger, PT, DPT, OCS and Iris Warchall, PT, DPT, see patients with general orthopedic conditions and have several specializations including:

  • Chronic pain and complex musculoskeletal dysfunctions of the spine, hip, pelvis and sacroiliac regions
  • Balance disorders of many etiologies
  • Parkinsons movement disorders
  • Gastro-Intestinal dysfunction
  • Post-partum recovery
  • Post-surgical recovery

Because we do not just look at the specific body part that our patient’s diagnosis indicates, but look at the entire movement system, we can detect when the problem is not at the same location as the symptom or symptoms. This allows us to be more thorough in our treatment approach and to be both more efficient and more comprehensive. While some physical therapists may insist on only addressing one aspect of your particular musculoskeletal problem, we look at all aspects (strength, flexibility, coordination, soft tissue mobility, joint motion, fascial mobility or restriction, activities required for your daily life at home and work, walking, exercise and caring for other family members) of your life and endeavor to understand how your body developed the problem in the first place. With that approach, you should begin to feel an improvement in as few as two to three sessions.

We value your input and your insights into your problem. We will work in partnership with you so that you know as much as possible about your condition. We will explain our approach and our recommendations so that you feel comfortable with your program. We particularly enjoy helping people who have already been to physical therapy but have not achieved their desired result. We look forward to meeting you and encourage you to bring us your most complicated musculoskeletal dysfunctions; we’ll help you sort them out.



“I didn’t realize how effective physical therapy could be until I was treated by Amy. I had tried physical therapy with other therapists, and it had been completely ineffective. Amy took the time to figure out why I had pain, and provided a set of easy to do exercises that made a big difference in my pain level.

I’ve referred a lot of other people to Amy, and they’ve all had similar experiences. It’s great to know there’s someone to help those of us with unusual backs.”

~ LINDA RACINE, Founder, Scoliosis Association of San Francisco”


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