Proper Way to Stretch Your Calf Muscles

by Amy Selinger – PT, DPT, OCS

Here are a few tips to obtaining a good calf stretch as well as some common mistakes (calf stretch pitfalls) to look out for:

Be careful not to place your foot too far away from the wall, like the first image.

Place your foot a comfortable step back from the wall. Not too far.

Keep your foot pointed directly at the wall instead of letting it drift to the side. This first picture is another great example of what NOT to do.

Maintain a normal arch in your foot. Avoid becoming “flat footed” like the first picture shows. This will ensure that you’re stretching your calf and not inadvertently stretching your foot.

Now gently lean forward Keeping your heel on the floor, so you maintain a straight line from your heel through your hip, shoulders and ear.

You don’t need to be too aggressive with the stretch because after 30 seconds you will feel a stretch. Try to stretch each side for at least 30 seconds. Two times.

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